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QFZ Series Fully Automatic Lead Oxide Ball Mill
For lead oxide production;
Functions & Features: 

1. This line is the new generation of High-efficient & Energy-saved lead oxide production line, which absorbs the experience of advanced lead oxide manufacturing technology home and abroad and adds our own technology innovation, having the advantages of stable physical & chemical index, low consumption, high capacity and so on, is the ideal selection for lead oxide manufacturing;
2. Main unit adopts weighing way, lead ball is kept with same weight by PLC control;
3. It adopts water cooling in the drum, non-positive-pressure blowing system, to realize low consumption for main unit and high efficiency for lead oxide production;
4. It is equipped with special pre-heat system. Air flow will be adopted the pre-heated interlining air between drum and enclosure, it can get the stable lead oxidization though it changes too much of ambient temperature
5. PLC touch screen with fully automatic control, timely displaying operation status & parameters of each unit, and automatically recording, as well as displaying alarming for malfunction and solving the problems.
6. It has high precision control of lead ball quantity, negative-pressure, temperature and so on, and has stable physical & chemical index;
7. Exhaust gas shall be treated by high-efficient dust collector, so it meets the National Discharge Standard;

Technical Parameters:
1. Apparent Density: 1.2~1.5g/cm3
2. Oxidization Degree: 70%-80%
3. Acid-absorption: 220-280mg/g
4. Screenings: ≤1% (screen mesh 100)
Models Control Method Air Control Method Cooling Method Rotational Method Main Unit Power Capacity (Day)
QFZ-14S Weight Negative External Water Spraying Chain Wheel 75Kw 14T/D
QFZ-24S Weight Negative External Water Spraying Chain Wheel 132Kw 24T/D
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