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QF-15B Barton Type Lead Oxide Mill
For lead oxide production and red lead oxide production
Functions & Features: 
1. This machine is a fully automatic, high-efficiency and energy-saving lead oxide production line, which having the advantages of small area occupied, high apparent density, easy control and so on. Barton type lead oxide mill produce lead oxide with gas phase oxidation method, which has the different working principle with Shimadzu ball mill. 2. Batteries which made by the lead oxide produced from the barton oxide mill has the advantage of long cycle life, the machine mainly using for traction-type, fixed type and other deep discharging batteries. Also this is the preferred machine for red lead oxide production 3. By the way of automatic constant-current control the quantity of lead oxide in reaction pot to filling the lead liquid automatically. 4. PLC touch screen with fully automatic control, timely displaying operation status and parameters of each unit ,and automatically recording , as well as displaying alarming for malfunction and solving the problems. 5. Exhaust gas is treated by high-efficient dust collector, so it accords with the requirements of Environmental standards.
Technical Parameters:

1. Oxidization Degree: For battery making lead oxide 70~82% ( For red lead powder can be over 95%) 2. Apparent Density: 1.4~1.8g/cm3 3. Acid-absorption: 160~190mg/g 4. Capacity: 12~15T/D 5. Screenings: ≤2%( screen mesh 100)

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