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HG Series Fully Automatic Paste Mixer
For lead-paste mixing during lead-acid battery manufacturing.
Functions & Features: 
1. With PLC and touch-screen as controlling center, it can automatically complete the whole process of lead oxide feeding and weighing, acid &water weighing and feeding, lead-paste mixing and paste discharging;
2. Lead oxide, water and acid are controlled separately by PLC of high precise weighing system, to control feeding, weighing and discharging;
3. Multi-directional stirring system and even water feeding can eliminate density difference of lead paste at different places, making lead paste more uniform in density.
4. Multi-point cycling water-cooling system automatically controls paste temperature within the preset range;
5. Stainless-steel stirring drum and discharging system can effectively guarantee paste quality;
6. It is equipped with alarm system for malfunction, overweighing, over-temperature and so on.
7. It is equipped with dust cleaning outlet, for easy cleaning and improving working condition.
Technical Parameters:
1. Production Capacity: 1000Kg/batch
2. Lead oxide Weighing Precision:≤±0.15%
3. Acid &Water Weighing Precision:≤±0.2%
4. Paste Mixing Time: 30~50min /batch
5. Paste Mixing Temperature:≤60℃
Models Motor Power Production Capacity
HGS1000 45KW 1000Kg
HGN1000 45KW 1000Kg
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