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For curing and drying unformed plate of LA battery
Functions & Features: 
1. This machine can realize multi-program and multi-stage control of plates curing and drying process with PLC & touch-screen as controlling center.
2. The main chamber and sub-chamber is made of high quality thermal insulation material, having features of high density, high combination rate and high thermal insulation.
3. The transport of plate is by speed reducer, which reduces the lead powder flying and falling during forklift transport.
4. The curing and drying process are controlled separately, saving the energy as much as possible.
5. It adopts auto door system, the tightness is better.
6. The airflow system can be chosen according to the plate layout style, which can make the airflow system more reasonable, insure the consistency of temperature and humidity.
7. The protection structure inside the chamber can prevent the plate frame to impact the door.
8. It adopts a special method to eliminate humidity, and have the advantage of short drying time.
9. It can be chosen to connect with internet , to monitor the running conditions of each curing chamber.
Technical Parameters:
1. Temperature-control precision: temperature ≤±1℃( below 55℃), temperature ≤±2℃( below 55℃),
2. Humidity-control precision: ≤±2%RH      
3. Controlling Range: temperature: normal temperature ~85℃, humidity: 10%RH~99%RH
Recommendation :
Chose the right quantity of stages and length according to the plate coating production capacity and technique requirements
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