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BP-12 Fully Automatic Plate Enveloping Machine
For small-capacity battery enveloping and clamping automatically.
Functions : 
It takes PLC and touch screen as controlling center, and can finish the work of plate weighing &grouping, plate enveloping, film enveloping, clamping automatically. It is the combination product of plate weighing machine and plate enveloping machine.
1. Environmental Protection: It is designed with enclosures besides operation window. It is also designed lead dust collector under the machine for easy cleaning regularly, and leave one connector, which can be connected with external dust purification system.
2. High Quality: It adopts stepping model for length fixing with high precision; It can set the separator length, OPP film length on the touch screen.
3. High-efficiency: More than 1200Pcs battery per shift, it only needs 2 operators.
4. Small Space: Outer size: 2800mm(L) ×1500mm(W) ×2200mm(H)
Technical Parameters:
1. Input Power: 3-phase AC380V、50Hz、22KW
2. Efficiency: 1200Pcs battery per shift
3. Air Source: 0.1m³/min,0.4~0.6MPa
4. Negative Pressure of Plate Suction: More than -0.085Mpa
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