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CB30 Fully Automatic 3-head-5-spot Intercell Welding Machine
For plate lugs intercell welding of medium capactiy VRLA battery.
Functions & Features: 
1. Electric roller can automatically transport the battery into the machine, and computer automatically fix the position and control the welding process. This machine has advantages of precise location, fast welding, energy fixed, current fixed and automatic welding heat compensation.
2. With hydraulic-pressing welding head, photoelectric-switch of sensing and positioning, computer of precisely controlling all process and parameters of intercell welding, it can guarantee good welding quality.
3. Computer can store 20 groups of parameters.
Technical Parameters:
1. Constant-current Precision:≥±3%  Net-voltage Fluctuation:≤±15%
2. Pressure Control: Constant Digital Hydraulic-pressing control
3. Input Power Supply: Three phase, AC380V, 50HZ, 60KW
4. Air Resource: 0.2m3/min 0.6Mpa
5. Welding Speed: 1-2pcs/min

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