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μC-MKCF/MKCFA Pulse Fast-speed Formation Charger/Discharger
Fast-speed formation for medium–capacity battery, especially for its container formation.

Introducing pulsed charging/discharging technology(MKCF type:  positive&negative pulse; MKCFA type: blocking pulse) and implementing discharging-pulse or blocking pulse during the process of charging, highly improves formation efficiency and greatly shortens formation period, batteries with this kind of formation possess have better capacity and longer cycling lifetime. A meter-type microprocessor controls a circuit, which can independently set, display and control charging/discharging. Also it takes modular drawer structure: several circuits are installed in just one cabinet, the structure is very compact and easy to maintain. This equipment can help manufacturers greatly cut down cost on investment but tremendously improve production capacity.

It takes IGBT as controlling center, which can realize pulse working mode and constant-current charging/discharging. While it is working, charging/discharging pulse amplitude, negative pulse time (MKCF) and interval time (MKCFA) can be set by programming. Battery polarization caused by positive pulse charging can be eliminated in time by negative pulse discharging, thus enhance efficiency of battery formation charging/discharging. The equipment is controlled by a microprocessor which can complete the whole charging and discharging process according to parameters.
Technical Parameters:
1.Range of current controlled:1%~100% F.S
2.Range of voltage controlled: 30%~100% F.S
3. Precision of current/voltage: ≤0.5% F.S
4.Precision of positive and negative pulse current: amplitude precision≤1%,
   MKCFA type has no need to set negative pulse
5.Current range of positive and negative pulse: 1%~100% F.S
6.Pusle duration: 1ms~100ms(MKCF)     0.1s~10s(MKCFA)
7. Precision of pulse duration: ≤0.1ms(MKCF)      ≤10ms(MKCFA)
Models Output current Output voltage Circuits Size(cm) Weight(kg)
w h d
μC-MKCF、MKCFA 20A/320V 20A 320V 6、12 100 200 80 650、850
μC-MKCF、MKCFA 30A/320V 30A 320V 6 100 200 80 750
μC-MKCF、MKCFA 50A/320V 50A 320V 6 100 200 80 800
μC-MKCF、MKCFA 80A/320V 80A 320V 2 100 200 80 820
μC-MKCF、MKCFA 100A/320V 100A 320V 2 100 200 80 850
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