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μC-KGCFS/KGCFSH Intelligent Plate Formation Charger/Discharger
Plate formation for various of lead acid batteries. KGCFSH type is low harmonic and environmental-protection type.

With fully digital control technology which is based on SCR, one microprocessor controls one circuit. Its most notable features are: easy operation, powerful performance, high reliability, discharge with feedback to grid. Microprocessor programming is very easy, operators can manipulate the equipment just by the panel. It is more energy-save comparing with other same kind machines. It is no need to use Harmonic Pollution Treatment System for KGCFSH machine, because of its low harmonic.      

Setting and storing many formation modes and parameters of different types of battery and setting for one step control. Providing the following operation modes: constant-current charging, constant-voltage charging, constant-voltage with current-limited charging,  constant-current with voltage-limited discharging, cycling, pause and pros and cons of plate controlling; State shifting by time setting/voltage setting/Ah setting, recording operation data at setting time; Protecting against overcurrent, overvoltage and open circuit. Power off data logging, and automatic power on recovering; Displaying on LED operation data and cause of troubles. Central network control and data processing when connected with PC via interface.
Technical Parameters:
1. Range of current controlled:1%~100%F.S
2. Range of voltage controlled: 10%~100%F.S
3. Precision of current/voltage: ≤0.5% F.S
4. Time precision: ≤15s/24h
5. KGCFSH Harmonic content: ≤5%(meet national harmonic requirement)
Models Output current Output voltage Circuits Size(cm) Weight(kg)
w h d
μC-KGCFS、KGCFSH 80A/320V 80A 320V 1、2 100 180 80 500、700
μC-KGCFS、KGCFSH 80A/350V 80A 350V 1、2
100 180 80 550、750
μC-KGCFS、KGCFSH 100A/320V 100A 320V 1、2 100 180 80 550、800
μC-KGCFS、KGCFSH 100A/350V 100A 350V 1、2 100 180 80 550、800
μC-KGCFS、KGCFSH 150A/320V 150A 320V 1、2 100 180 80 600、850
μC-KGCFS、KGCFSH 150A/350V 150A 350V 1、2 100 180 80 650、900
μC-KGCFS、KGCFSH 200A 200A 320V、350V 1 100 180 80 700、780
μC-KGCFS、KGCFSH 300A 300A 320V、350V 1 100 180 80 780、880
μC-KGCFS、KGCFSH 350A 350A 320V、350V 1 100 180 80 850、900
μC-KGCFS、KGCFSH 400A 400A 320V、350V 1 100 180 80 950、1000
μC-KGCFS、KGCFSH 500A 500A 320V、350V 1 100 180 80 1150、1250
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