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μC-DF08 Microprocessor-controlled Battery's Capacity&Discharging Performance Tester
It is used for testing battery capacity discharging and high-current discharging performance.

With high speed and precision of current/voltage control, it can test battery discharging performance through fully digital microprocessor controlling and TESTER20 testing system. It has the features of high-speed current/voltage data logging, high-speed of rising discharging current, high precision and reliability, nice design, and easy operation and so on.

It can set procedures and parameters according to international and national battery-testing standard to test battery capacity and high-current discharging performance and so on. It provides following working modes: constant-current with time-fixed voltage-check discharging, constant-current with voltage-fixed time-check discharging, constant-current with time-fixed voltage-fixed discharging, constant-power with voltage-fixed time-check discharging, constant resistance with voltage-fixed time-check discharging, instantaneous peak-current discharging, pause and so on. It displays real time data of discharging, final voltage, discharging time and current of the battery at the end of discharging. It also has the functions of recording fast discharging data and displaying trouble alarm. It can store and print various curved charts of discharging data, current, voltage, capacity, temperature(optional function)  when connected with PC via ethernet interface.
Technical Parameters:
1. Range of Current Controlled: 1%-100% F.S
2. Range of Voltage Controlled: see below specifications
3. Precision of Current/voltage: ≤0.1% F.S
4. Current Risetime: ≤25mS
5. Cycling Times: 1-99999
6. Time Precision: ≤15s/24h
Models Discharge current Discharge voltage Size(cm) Weight(kg)
w h d
μC-DF08 100A/2V 100A 0.8-2.4V 68 200 85 200
μC-DF08 200A/2V 200A 0.8-2.4V 68 200 85 300
μC-DF08 300A/2V 300A 0.8-2.4V 68 200 85 400
μC-DF08 500A/2V 500A 0.8-2.4V 68 200 85 500
μC-DF08 1000A/2V 1000A 0.8-2.4V 68 200 100 550
μC-DF08 3000A/2V 3000A 0.8-2.4V 68 200 150 600
μC-DF08 5000A/2V 5000A 0.8-2.4V 68 200 200 700
μC-DF08 10000A/2V 10000A 0.8-2.4V 68 200 220 850
μC-DF08 100A/12V 100A 4.5-14.4V 68 200 85 350
μC-DF08 200A/12V 200A 4.5-14.4V 68 200 85 400
μC-DF08 300A/12V 300A 4.5-14.4V 68 200 100 450
μC-DF08 500A/12V 500A 4.5-14.4V 68 200 100 550
μC-DF08 1000A/12V 1000A 4.5-14.4V 68 200 100 650
μC-DF08 2000A/12V 2000A 4.5-14.4V 68 200 150 850
μC-DF08 3000A/12V 3000A 4.5-14.4V 68 200 220 1050
μC-DF08 4000A/12V 4000A 4.5-14.4V 68 200 300 1250
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